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Revolutionize Your Communication: Unleashing VoIP Magic for Business Brilliance!

Solid communication has always been a critical aspect of communication. When it comes to business, its importance increases significantly. As a result, the use of VoIP solutions for business has been a trend for years. The advantages of VoIP over standard telecommunication services are enormous. For example, with this technology you can use the sound of the call as you wish. The best part is that it requires a stable Internet connection to make a call. Moreover, it is reliable and durable. 

Why VoIP Solutions For Business Are Preferred Over Public Switched Telephone Network?

There are countless reasons why your business might need Voice Over Internet Protocol. For example, you don’t need to use traditional phones to make calls. The latest technology makes much better use of smartphones and the Internet. The most important factor is cost. Yes, you heard that right. It simply allows businesses to make cost-effective international calls as compared to traditional calling mechanisms. Cost plays a significant role in business savings. This is where the new technology comes in. There is also improved call quality. Corporate Voice over IP also offers more features than traditional calling mechanisms. The technology also saves the cost of purchasing additional equipment. 

Things To Know Before Choosing Business Phone Systems:

Making the right choice has never been easy. You have to consider compatibility, cost, and many other features. To find a compatible device for your business VoIP services, you just need to keep a few things in mind.


The office VoIP systems, as mentioned above, are much cheaper than the analog phone service. This calling mechanism can cost you anything between $25 and $35 per month for a single user. If you opt to consider additional features, the cost will increase accordingly. The cost has mainly two categories such as recurring and one-time. One-time costs include setup and equipment costs. Whereas the recurring includes subscription and per line costs. There are also free VoIP services but they’re recommended for business purposes. The free version is limited to a certain usage.


Are business VoIP solutions compatible? Can any phone be used as a VoIP phone? These questions should be on your mind when considering one for your business. The best thing about these services is that you can make calls from any phone. Most importantly, cost and compatibility make Voice over IP services better than landlines. Comparatively, Google Voice costs slightly less. That’s because its number is free, but you have to pay for international calls.


Are VoIP communications reliable? The best selling point of this technology is that it’s more reliable than traditional calling solutions. Reliability depends on the quality of the Internet, which has improved greatly over the years. Nowadays, we all have access to high speed and good quality broadband internet services. This is what makes life easier and simpler for businesses. It also offers an amazing uptime of 99.999%. 

Top 5 Professional VoIP Services: Let’s Have A Glance Of Them!

The most important thing for a telecom company is to have the best VoIP services. Furthermore, the thing that makes their services above par is the selection of cold calling services. Beware of scammers, they roam around everywhere. To keep you in the race, we’ve made a little effort to share with you.

Brevo Phone:

Brevo Phone is one of the top service providers in the USA. It’s a cloud-based phone system. The best thing about it is its suitability for small and medium businesses. Just like others, it offers easy access to essential features for telecommunication services. There is minimal downtime. Guess what? It costs only $19 per month for a single user.

Intermedia Unite:

Intermedia Unite provides unified communications with a host of other amazing features. These features include file synchronisation, voice and video chat. It won’t disappoint you only if you want to integrate it with other third-party services. The only thing that you might dislike about this service is that it offers limited call monitoring features. It will cost you between $15 and $32.


RingCentral is amazing with its services. It is one of the top rated office VoIP services tailored specifically for call centres. It offers almost all the standard features. However, the price ends up being higher. Predictably, that’s because of its compatibility with businesses of all sizes. The main focus of this service is phone and video communication.

Google Voice:

Google Voice is one of the most popular VoIP solutions for businesses. Of course, none of you are not aware of Google Workspace. The most amazing thing about this service is that it is compatible to use on multiple devices. It is an easy, cheap and effective solution for your cold calling services. It is, no doubt, a good choice to bet on.


If you’re looking for one and only comprehensive cloud-based VoIP, Contactivity is a blessing in disguise. It is a complete package that you can buy without any hesitation. Of course, there are no risks involved. We are FCC and RMD registered. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes. Most importantly, you’re going to get a host of amazing features for almost nothing.  You’ll get local numbers depending on your location. If you’re a US based business, you’ll get a local US number. Similar features for businesses in the UK, Bangladesh, UAE, USA, France, Pakistan and India. Besides, toll free numbers, call termination and other features are just a click away.

What’re We Aiming At?

Given the rapid expansion of the technological landscape, there is a good chance of 5G integration. You may see it as a dream, but it’s becoming a reality. With time, we’re transforming to make our services better and better. We’re hoping to equip our services with the latest technology in the field. Besides 5G integration, artificial intelligence is almost everywhere. The experts at Contactivity are always ready to make things easy for you.

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