VoIP for Small Businesses: Empowering Communication on a Scale That Matters

Telecommunications services are not limited to medium and large enterprises, they have also paved the way for small businesses. The size and type of business does not matter. What matters is how much you can afford to spend to stay in touch with your customers. VoIP is the same for businesses of all sizes. The difference is in the ease of use, as some businesses prefer to stick with traditional calling mechanisms, while others use intelligent technology. This is where businesses differ and where telecommunications come into play. The more you spend on technology, the more results you’ll get. There is no doubt that the spending limit for small businesses is low. Fortunately, VoIP is a technology that is available for small businesses. VoIP for small businesses offers similar features to VoIP for large businesses. The difference is that an enterprise-level business has to spend more to get more virtual phone numbers for its employees to call. A small business with more than 2 employees can get by with a basic package. To help small businesses stand out from the crowd, Contactivity offers small business packages with almost all standard features. There are endless opportunities for small businesses to get started with Contactivity. We’ll also introduce you to some affordable services that can help you grow your business.

Why is VoIP necessary for small businesses?

Telecommunications services such as Contactivity have features that ensure high definition voice calls. In addition, businesses like call centres are highly dependent on call quality. There’s no room for interruptions when you’re running a small business. Most businesses prefer VoIP over outdated telephone services because it is highly reliable, secure and practical. The technology uses the internet to save a lot of money that would otherwise be spent on traditional calls. As a result, there are huge VoIP cost savings for small businesses because the technology uses your existing Internet connection. There’s no need to install new phones or phone lines. And there are no additional charges. The thing that overshadows all the other benefits is that you can make national and international calls at no extra cost. In fact, it’s much cheaper than traditional phone calls, where you have to spend a lot of money on installing copper lines. This surely saves a lot of money for small businesses.

Affordable VoIP Services to Consider!

Running a small business is never easy. You have to consider cost and quality at the same time. Therefore, doing VoIP implementation for small business cost reduction is a complex task to deal with. You need to research different solutions and consider the one that’s right for your business. To help you make the right choice, we’re going to share a list of reliable telecom services. Almost all the services are known for offering high definition calls.


Contactivity has been offering cost-effective VoIP plans for businesses for many years. The company is known for offering great features at a price that any business can easily afford. For example, you’ll get high definition and an uninterrupted call termination service. You’ll also be able to boost your business profile with a simple toll-free number. This will make it easy for your customers to get in touch with you. Most importantly, the VoIP provider will offer you comprehensive VoIP solutions that are specifically designed to meet your needs. You’ll also be armed with strong local numbers, something that was so easy with other services. If you’re in Pakistan or India and need a number in the US, UK or France, Contactivity makes it easy. Most importantly, the system is secure enough to protect you from phishing or robocalls.

  1. Global and local call termination

  2. Virtual phone numbers

  3. Toll-free number

  4. Reliable and secure.

  5. No robocalls


Twilio is second on our list of affordable VoIP solutions for small businesses. It’s one of the most trusted platforms and has proven to be a useful tool for businesses when it comes to customer engagement. The service is known for offering maximum uptime with an easy-to-use app interface. This telecommunication service comes with an amazing application to manage things. All you need to do is create IVRs for each user. The unique thing about Twilio is that it uses AI and flexible APIs to automate operations. Twilio is a good VoIP for small businesses, but the customer support service makes it a dull company.

  • An easy-to-use application for making calls.

  • Good features.

  • Call termination.

  • Using AI and flexible APIs to streamline workflow

  • Scalable and reliable

  • Poor customer service.


Inteliquent is a sub-service of Sinch. It is an ultimate voice solution for various purposes. The telecom service offers voice termination services. Like Contactivity, it offers a simple toll-free number to give its customers a reliable way to get connected. There are SIP trunking features to ensure you have access to local and international directories. In addition, a dedicated team is always on hand to ensure smooth business operations. The service also uses AI technology to keep the system secure and reliable. Contacitivity is a reliable and secure VoIP provider that prevents spam and phishing calls. In contrast, Inteliquent has been accused of supporting robocalls.

  • Affordable

  • Easy to use

  • Long delays in customer support responses

  • Local and global call termination services.

  • Not reliable due to spam calls.


Convoso is one of the top affordable companies taking small business communications to the next level with VoIP. The telecoms service is best known for helping businesses get more leads by offering high quality audio calling services. It offers a very intuitive interface and claims to be a reliable service. It is essentially a call centre software with more of a focus on lead generation. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer international numbers for businesses. Contactivity, on the other hand, offers virtual phone numbers with local and global call termination.

  • Powerful, predictive, preview and progressive dialer.

  • Good customer support service.

  • Less spam calls.

  • AI to improve business operations.

  • Hidden service charges.

  • High system downtime

  • Complex features

  • No international number

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