Why is VoIP used?

VoIP Unveiled: Transforming Communication in the Digital Age

Have you ever wondered why VoIP is used? There are numerous other questions regarding the feasibility of this service.All such queries will be cleared after reading this blog. Traditional phone services don’t provide what modern businesses require. Therefore, businesses are always concerned about telecommunication services. The need for cost-effective and efficient telecom service has been on the rise in the past few years. There is a strong reason behind it: businesses cannot take the risk of getting disconnected from their customers at any point in time. To fill this gap of uncertainty, VoIP is playing its role. It’s widely preferred as the advantages of VoIP overshadow its narrow limitations. The Voice over Internet Protocol smooths the call operations. Therefore, most modern business phone systems prefer this technology over the traditional one due to its reliability and effectiveness. If you just take a look at the top VoIP services of 2024, Contactivity is at the top. It is not a service that is taken for granted. It has proven to be a great asset for its users.

Why is VoIP used?

There are numerous reasons why VoIP is the talk of the town. For example, it offers more high-end features than its counterpart. The cost is surprisingly less than that of a traditional phone system. Also, accessibility, portability, and monitoring make it a good technology to have in hand. Let’s get into more details:

Cost Effective:

The biggest benefit of using VoIP in business is its cost-effectiveness. As a matter of fact, cost effectiveness is a core element of any business. It plays a vital role, and it does not matter whether your business is small or large. Companies often perform cost-cutting practices to keep things working. Let’s take an example: Peter has been using a traditional phone system with an average cost of $50 per month for a line. How amazing it would be if he could cut that cost by 60 percent. But how? Let me tell you, Contactivity offers state-of-the art international call termination services that are much cheaper than other known services. Isn’t it an amazing opportunity to keep your costs low? Of course it is; let’s get connected.


Accessibility is often associated with telecommunication services. The great advantage of using voice over the Internet protocol is that you can call from anywhere. You just need to have a good internet connection to get started. You don’t have to be in the office all the time to make and receive calls.  With this in mind, most services only offer call origination services, which may not be useful for your business. In contrast, Contactivity offers call termination services, which means you can make and receive calls whenever you need to. You just need to have a mobile phone with you to make the most of VoIP communication.


The world evolves over time. PCs have replaced mainframes, laptops have replaced PCs, smartphones have replaced laptops, and smartwatches have replaced phones. This is a complete life cycle. The same is true for telecommunications. VoIP has been on the hot seat for a few years. Do you know why VoIP is used over traditional phone systems? Portability—yes, portability makes it compelling. What else do you need when you have a virtual phone number with you and you’re travelling somewhere in the mountains? All this is possible with Contactivity in your pocket. Your location changes with you, but Contactivity’s virtual phone number remains the same.

More features than traditional phones:

The traditional phone system seems boring nowadays. Boring in the sense that it’s not portable, flexible, secure, and doesn’t offer additional features. In the tug of war of VoIP vs. traditional phones, the latest calling mechanism seems to be on top. There are several reasons; for example, you can record calls, get call transcription, and many more. Among these features, interrupted call transfer is a gem to look at. Contactivity offers you an uninterrupted connection with your customers anytime and anywhere. This feature makes telecommunications services reliable.

Enhanced Productivity:

The VoIP service providers prioritise productivity among other top end features. Productivity is defined by the number of calls coming in and going out. This works best when you have cross-functional teams at your disposal. The biggest example of this is call centres. A handful of employees work together on a single phone number. The idea is to make sure that more leads come in at the same time. All of this is done over a converged data network. Fortunately, the experts at Contactivity make it possible for its clients. These services give this telecom service provider an edge over other services and traditional phone systems.

Easy setup and deployment:

One of the major advantages of Voice over IP technology is its feasibility and usability. The telecom service users don’t have to pay any extra cost including setup and implementation. They just have to pay a monthly bill per user instead of dealing with complex operations. The backend operations are a headache for a service provider. Keeping in mind the simplicity, Contactivity is on top of all background processes. Service delivery remains uninterrupted as developers and experts monitor everything. The end user only needs a stable Internet connection and a phone to get started.

Highly Scalable:

Traditional phone lines are difficult to replace or add. This is different with the latest Voice over IP calling technology. Users don’t need to install new lines to get new numbers. Users simply need to add a new phone number using a CRM or dashboard provided by most VoIP providers. In contrast, everything is already set up and handled by the experts at Contactivity. Users only have to order a new phone number, pay the bill and make calls. It’s that simple. The company takes care of all the complexities why users only have to make calls, nothing more.

Better call quality and reliability:

Customers are very sensitive to a bad call. A call with a distorted sound is not good for anyone. The modern call system ensures better and reliable call quality. Most importantly, bad weather can never interrupt your call, but a bad Internet connection can. Traditional phone lines don’t work perfectly, especially in harsh weather. Whereas VoIP is much better in all these scenarios except the Internet one. Keeping in mind the importance of call quality, Contactivity has put its utmost attention in providing better call service. Voice is transmitted more effectively than any other service. 

Contactivity services at a glance!

There should be no doubt about the quality of Contactivity’s service as everything is handled with extreme care. In addition, you will always have the best service features at your disposal. You’ll get toll free numbers, a unique virtual number and a reliable call termination feature. You can’t get better than this from any other network in your sight. 

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