Robocalls: A Menace to Communication and

How Contactivity Fights It

In today’s interconnected world, robocalls have become an unfortunate nuisance. These automated calls delivering pre-recorded messages have grown incredibly common, with many being used for intrusive advertising, or worse, deceptive scams. At Contactivity, we believe in secure, hassle-free communication. That’s why we are dedicated to combatting the issue of robocalls.

Understanding Robocalls

Robocalls are automated phone calls that deliver pre-recorded messages to large numbers of people. While some robocalls are used for legitimate purposes such as emergency alerts or informational messages, a large number of them are unwanted, disruptive, and potentially dangerous, particularly when used for scams or to collect personal information without consent.

Our Stand Against Robocalls

At Contactivity, we value the peace and privacy of our customers. We’re taking the following steps to combat robocalls:

Robocall Mitigation Plan: As a responsible VoIP service provider, we have implemented a comprehensive Robocall Mitigation Plan. This plan aims to identify and restrict any traffic associated with illegal robocalls through regular monitoring and prompt responses to any issues that may arise.

Customer Verification: We carry out a thorough verification of our clients to ensure they are legitimate businesses. By doing so, we significantly reduce the risk of our services being exploited for the distribution of illegal robocalls.

Monitoring and Investigation: We have systems in place to monitor suspicious call activity. Any suspected misuse of our services for robocalls is investigated thoroughly, and necessary actions are taken to prevent further misuse.

Customer Awareness: We believe in empowering our customers with information. We provide our clients with essential tips and resources on how to recognize and handle robocalls, thus reducing their potential impact.

Robocalls are a menace to our communication systems, and at Contactivity, we’re committed to fighting this problem head-on. By employing rigorous measures and continually improving our methodologies, we are dedicated to creating a safe, reliable communication environment for all of our customers.

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