Contactivity’s Robocall Mitigation Guide


Contactivity is committed to combatting the spread of illegal robocalls, under FCC rules and regulations and the TRACED Act. The purpose of this Robocall Mitigation Plan (RMP) is to outline our procedures and protocols designed to prevent the origination of illegal robocalls through our network.


Contactivity has a firm policy against illegal robocalls. We do not originate, promote, or condone the use of robocalls in violation of FCC rules or regulations, and we make diligent efforts to prevent such calls from being made through our network.

Customer Due Diligence

Contactivity thoroughly vets its customers before providing services. Our customer due diligence measures include:

  1. Confirming the legal existence and good standing of the business through documentation.
  2. Gathering and verifying contact information for all customers.
  3. Evaluating a customer’s past compliance with telecom regulations and any history of robocalls.
  4. Ensuring the customer agrees to comply with our policy against illegal robocalls as a part of their terms of service.

Monitoring and Enforcement

Contactivity will actively monitor traffic patterns for signs of potential illegal robocall activity. In the event we identify suspicious activity, we will investigate and take appropriate action, up to and including termination of service for non-compliance with our policy against illegal robocalls.

Investigation of Complaints

Contactivity is committed to promptly and thoroughly investigating all complaints related to illegal robocalls originating from our network. We cooperate fully with law enforcement and regulatory bodies in any investigations related to such complaints.

As part of this commitment, Contactivity will participate in traceback efforts initiated by the FCC, law enforcement, or the USTelecom Industry Traceback Group. If we are identified as the originating provider in a traceback investigation, we pledge to cooperate fully and provide all necessary information to facilitate the investigation.

Traceback investigations are crucial tools in identifying and taking action against the originators of illegal robocalls. Contactivity is dedicated to contributing to these efforts and helping to hold those responsible for illegal robocalls accountable for their actions. By participating actively in traceback investigations, we can work together with regulators and industry partners to combat the nuisance of illegal robocalls.

Staff Training

All Contactivity staff members receive training on our policies and procedures related to preventing the origination of illegal robocalls through our network. This includes recognizing potential red flags and understanding the steps to take if they suspect illegal robocall activity.


Contactivity is fully compliant with the FCC rule against spoofing Caller IDs, our switch can identify call spoofing and block caller id spoofing. We only allow calls to originate from our network from Caller IDs that are bought from us or if not bought from us then they are validated before Attesting (Attestation – A) each call.

Review and Revision

This RMP is subject to ongoing review and will be revised as necessary to adapt to changing circumstances or rules and regulations. We remain committed to staying up to date with best practices in the industry and regulatory changes from the FCC.