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VoIP for Remote Work

The business requirements have been changing. Business owners prefer to have a remote team rather than an office-based human resource. Remote working mechanisms are on the rise. More and more companies are inclined towards the adoption of remote work. These work tactics have proven to be crucial for businesses that are on the verge of closure. The reason is that the virtual work environment has strengthened the financial position of all such companies. This is done by sending the entire team home and equipping them with the right tools. VoIP for remote work is the new norm. Before, the telecommunications services found it hard to send the entire staff home. Because it is difficult to manage all agents at the same time, you must be on board to keep business operations up and running. Voice over Internet Protocol has already transformed the telecommunications industry. For instance, it has enabled the service provider to connect with people from different regions within a few seconds. Moreover, it has been a source of reliable connection. It allows the companies to scale up their business without having to spend extra amounts on the installation of expensive copper wires or physical stations, as seen in traditional phone systems. In this blog, we are going to discuss how VoIP supports the remote working environment.

VoIP: The source of flexible communication and remote working

VoIP comes with extensive features. It offers a long list of benefits that lay the perfect foundation for remote work communication with VoIP. Before going into further details, let’s dive into how VoIP offers these benefits to companies. The modern telecommunications mechanism works by sending packets over the internet. Thus forming the base of secure and reliable communication. For businesses like call centers, it is more than a blessing as it ensures proper remote working. Here are the benefits that VoIP solutions for distributed teams offer:


VoIP for remote collaboration can help with huge savings. As per experts, businesses can save at least 50% of their expenses that are spent for communication purposes. Moreover, if you are operating a huge office-based team, then there is good news for you. You can squeeze the number down to less than a half-dozen. This can also help in reducing the expenses that are incurred on hardware and software purchases. VoIP telephony uses the internet for communication. Your team will only need a strong internet connection to work. Additionally, you will need the services of top-end VoIP service providers, such as Contactivity. The service provider is offering extensive feature support at the most affordable rates.

Increased Productivity:

It has been observed that employees working in isolation work better than those working together. The reason is that there is always a space for distraction in the office. By offering remote work opportunities to employees, you are ensuring that they work with the utmost concentration. This increases the productivity of users. This also helps to ensure a better work-life balance. To improve productivity, you need to work on enhancing remote work with VoIP technology. This technology helps with easy communication between employees and management. They can make conference calls.


One of the main advantages of having VoIP telephony on your cards is that it allows flexibility. So, you can say that your company can achieve remote communication through VoIP systems. With this technology, you can allow your employees to make and receive phone calls from anywhere in the world. Yet, they must ensure that they have a proper internet connection with them. Moreover, the technology enables colleagues to stay connected, irrespective of their current location. So, if you are looking for a reliable service provider, then make sure to set an appointment with Contactivity.

Everything in a single place:

Have you heard about unified communications? It means to have everything in a single place. You can access different features, such as video conferencing, voicemails, instant messaging, and file sharing, without changing your location. Or, you do not have to access the service or computer to get your hands on them. In a nutshell, VoIP integrates different communication channels into a single place by offering a centralized platform.


VoIP’s role in supporting a remote workforce cannot be neglected, as it ensures ease of doing business. It enables businesses to add or remove communication lines depending on ongoing business requirements. For instance, your company is in a bad financial position, and you are required to discard extra lines. With VoIP, you can perform this within a few clicks. You can add more communication lines as per your requirements. Contactivity has been supporting businesses to make sure they stay on top of the competition.

Track users’ presence:

The majority of VoIP tools for remote collaboration allow companies to track the presence information of their employees or teams. Modern telecommunications technology helps in maintaining effective communication between employees of a company. Let us take an example: teams waste a lot of time reaching out to other employees or teams who are away for some reason, i.e., meetings or being busy. VoIP allows its users to set their availability as busy, away, lunch, etc. to make it easy for others to trace them out. VoIP for remote work is also best, as it allows companies to evaluate remote worker performance. The VoIP phone system allows management to track:

  • Missed calls

  • Volume of calls

  • Availability status.


One of the major benefits of VoIP in remote work scenarios is that it makes sure strict security measures are in place. It protects sensitive business communication. Modern communication technology enables the encryption protocol to make sure that the company’s data centers are safe from external threats. To have the next level of security for your remote work communication, you will need a trusted VoIP service provider with you. In this regard, contactivity can be a great asset to consider. The service provider has everything in place to keep your VoIP calls secure and theft-proof.

How can Contactivity become your remote work partner?

Contactivity lists among the top VoIP service providers that prefer and support remote work environments. It supports VoIP for remote work. The service provider is equipping businesses with the best possible features for extreme market dominance. For instance, the service provider offers virtual local numbers, toll-free numbers, and call termination facilities at the best possible rates.

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