Virtual Local Number Setup: Simplifying Connectivity For Local Reach

Virtual Local Number Setup

Technology has brought the world closer together. It has become a family, and being a part of it, it is necessary for us to help you set up a virtual local number. Especially if your business is largely dependent on telecommunication services. Nevertheless, telecommunication services are changing the world right now. Communication has become easier than ever before. If you lived through the 1990s, you’re aware of the opportunities and challenges of traditional landline systems. One of the main drawbacks of a traditional phone system is that it’s expensive. Significantly, their drawbacks simply don’t allow businesses to rely solely on them. Moreover, a major disadvantage includes interruptions due to weather conditions. Keeping the disadvantages in mind, modern technology is always needed, and that space is filled by VoIP. Modern VoIP service providers like Contactivity help companies build their profiles and strive in their respective niches.

Before We Proceed, Let’s Know the local numbers.

A virtual phone number, or local number, is a number that is represented by a specific area code. These numbers are available on the Internet, and unlike traditional phones, you can use them on your smartphone. This gives you the ability to use it from anywhere at any time. Ultimately, it makes it easy for you to make and receive calls from the comfort of your home. It also helps you expand your business globally while ensuring continuous communication with your customers.

How do I set up a virtual local number?

Getting a local business phone number is not a problem, but using it effectively is. The more effective your strategy is, the easier it will be to manage and use. This section is designed exclusively for you to ensure the easy implementation of virtual local numbers.

Step 1: Select the Reliable VoIP Service Provider

The most important step in virtual local number configuration is choosing the ideal VoIP service provider. Contactivity can certainly help you achieve your desired results. The reason for recommending Contactivity is that it offers solutions that are tailored to your business needs. It doesn’t matter if you are a large or small business; we have solutions that fit all. You can choose plans that fit your needs and have a good range of additional features to help you. Our network carrier and phone service include domestic call termination service. The most important thing you need to know is about uninterrupted call termination. Here’s what you’ll get with us:

  1. Lower call charges per minute
  2. No or little maintenance charges
  3. Support of additional features
  4. Allow remote working
  5. Effective domestic call termination

Step 2. Assign Phone Extensions To Make Team Collaboration Easy

The key to smooth internal communications in a company is the assignment of an internal extension. The purpose is to ensure that all incoming calls are routed perfectly to their destination. Most importantly, extensions make it easy for cross-functional teams to collaborate and communicate. Therefore, setting up a virtual local number allows for easy internal call routing and makes communication more efficient and effective than ever. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Assign Toll-Free Numbers and DID: Connectivity can help you set up local and toll-free numbers for your help desk. Direct Inward Dialing, also known as DID, makes it easy for your customer service representatives to route calls to specific extensions without having to navigate through an auto attendant. Similarly, toll-free numbers make it easy for your customers to call you for free.
  2. Setup Extensions and Departments: The key step is to obtain numbers, and once you have them, you need to set up extensions for each department. You can assign an extension either to an employee or to a specific service in your company. If you’re an individual, you definitely don’t need to set up extensions; you’re already on your toes. All of this makes for easy call routing.

Step 3: Customize It

If you’re a business with a lot of customer support, then you need customization. You need to have features at your disposal to ensure that your customer care is above par. You need to craft the phone greeting features and professional tone to make business communication effective. You can also set up an auto-attendant feature to make sure your customers don’t feel unattended.

Step 4: Initiate and Manage Calls

Once you’ve set up your virtual phone number, you’re ready to make and receive calls using your local phone number. Now you can easily initiate calls from your device, i.e., a smartphone, laptop, or computer. You should be able to use all the features of audio call termination. Contactivity can help you with this. We’ve got top-notch solutions that fit your needs and can surely help you be better at your telecommunication services.

Step 5. Train Your Team—That’s It

The most important and sensitive part of the virtual number deployment strategy is to train your team. The better you train your team, the better fruits you’ll reap. It is a critical thing, as it can either scale up or scale down your services. A bad team can destroy the image of your company, while a good and well-trained team can do the opposite. Apart from this, you need to make sure that you equip your team with good tools and resources so that they can ensure continuous communication.

Why Should You Consider Contactivity for a Virtual Phone Number?

Local numbers have proven to be a great resource for cross-border businesses, especially call centers. There is nothing more than a blessing for you when you get a good service provider like Contactivity. We have been helping companies, both small and large, excel in their respective fields of business. Our excellent solutions include toll-free numbers, local numbers, and call termination services. We provide continuous support to ensure that our services remain up-to-date. Here is why you should choose us over other VoIP service providers:

  1. Affordable packages
  2. Safe and secure
  3. Good Customer service
  4. Domestic call termination
  5. Availability of toll-free numbers.

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