Empower Your Reach: Unlocking the Potential of Toll-Free VoIP Numbers

Toll-free numbers help in presenting any business as an authority and a credible entity. It builds trust among its customers. As a matter of fact, Legitimacy is very crucial for businesses that need to appeal to a large pool of customers. No-cost phone numbers deliver fascinating results for businesses. This is because it helps their customers to connect with them at any time without hesitation. In addition, these numbers give your customers a way to connect with you without paying for the call. Majority of VoIP service providers offer a facility of such numbers. Contactivity is a good example of this. The company offers toll number service along with local numbers. This makes it much easier for businesses to scale up without any difficulty. Before we dive deep into this article, let’s start with the basics first.

What are Toll Free VoIP Numbers?

It is basically a business phone number that starts with a unique three-digit code. The best part about this number is that you can dial it for free from anywhere in the world. Most importantly, these numbers are very easy to remember. For example, 800, 833, 844, 855, etc. are some of the most popular numbers in the world. The basic purpose of these numbers is to encourage customers to contact the company when required. For instance, they can contact the company for customer service, information exchange, and purchase facilitation.

Do you know how VoIP toll free numbers work?

The significance of these numbers, as discussed above, is that callers can dial them from anywhere at any time. Additionally, users can dial these numbers using VoIP numbers, landline and mobile phones. Most importantly, the caller doesn’t have to pay for the call. Customers can send and receive SMS from these numbers if the VoIP service provider allows it.

Advantages of having VoIP free numbers:

These numbers come with a wide range of benefits. As mentioned above, it is very important for businesses especially when they want to grow fast. These are highly sophisticated numbers if your business is offering customer service. Here are the additional benefits that you’ll get with Contactivity’s free phone line:

Brand awareness and recognition:

It’s a wise decision to keep these free hotlines simple and straightforward. The reason is that they’re brand-focused. They go a long way toward building brand awareness and recognition. There are also toll-free vanity numbers that make business contact numbers even more attractive. Examples of vanity numbers include 1-800-SAFEAUTO or 1-800-GOT-JUNK. The free vanity number depends on your business niche. It simply represents your business and helps customers remember your brand. It works well because your customers don’t really need to remember it because they’re simple and straightforward.

Your customers can call you for free:

A bad caller experience can kill your business. It’s estimated that the majority of your customers will call your competitor because of a bad call experience. The situation is even worse when a customer has to pay for the call. Your customer won’t be happy if he or she has to make a paid phone call for customer service and the call drops unexpectedly.

Builds trust:

Customers are always looking for a legitimate business. No one will see you as a reliable service provider if you don’t have a toll-free number. With a free phone line, you can build a relationship of trust with your customers. Most importantly, you can increase the legitimacy of your business to customers and prospects.

Streamline and route calls

The benefits of no-cost phone lines are not limited to business legitimacy. It also helps streamline your business operations. For example, you can streamline all incoming calls to route them appropriately to a specialised team. Most importantly, you can route all confusing calls to one main number for better handling.

How to use Toll Free Numbers VoIP effectively?

Toll Free Numbers VoIP are very important in boosting the growth of the business. However, the effective use of 800 numbers only helps a lot in smoothing the business operations. Here are the practices that can take the effectiveness of toll-free numbers to the next level:

Reduce wait times:

With VoIP toll-free numbers, you can easily give your customers the ability to contact you seamlessly in urgent situations. You can send and receive SMS or text messages on a toll-free number. This allows your customers to bypass long hold times, especially during peak hours. This also helps increase customer satisfaction.

Improve efficiency:

For your customer service to thrive and provide the best experience, your team must route calls efficiently. The software easily routes inbound callers to the best available agent. This makes call handling more effective, efficient, and timely. There is also intelligent routing that receives automated prompts from users and routes them to the appropriate agent.

Reduce Employees burnout:

The free VoIP numbers not only help you to scale your business, but it also helps to reduce the workload of your employees. You can equip your customer service center with a tool that automates the call process. Most importantly, it reduces call center burnout, makes agents’ jobs easier, and increases customer satisfaction. Best of all, it increases collaboration among your cross-functional teams. It also helps agents find critical information quickly.

Increase customer engagement:

Companies can integrate Free Hotline with their existing systems and support channels. This helps your teams engage with prospects from a single platform. Agents can engage with customers in a more customer-centric environment. There is a single customer database that agents can use to reach out and offer more services.

Why is Contactivity best for you?

Choosing the right VoIP service provider isn’t easy in today’s digital age. You have to consider factors such as cost, reliability, accessibility, flexibility, and more. To minimize your hassle, Contactivity is here to help. The company offers toll-free numbers, local numbers and call termination services at much lower rates than other providers. Most importantly, the quality of service simply makes it a preferable option over others.There’s another best thing about this company and that’s customer friendly support. You won’t feel stranded after you call us.

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