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Unlocking Marketing Potential: Leveraging Toll-Free Numbers

Marketing campaigns have always relied on a helping hand that can boost the entire effort. For instance, social media is one of the best tools to consider. Other than this, toll-free number marketing has been in trend with that. All social media or billboard designs consider the addition of charge-free numbers. These numbers just add more attraction to a marketing design. Furthermore, they also help boost the impact of marketing campaigns. Therefore, toll-free numbers are the optimal solution to consider. The basic necessity of using a toll-free number is to allow users to reach out to you without any cost. It is also a matter of fact that most businesses do not bother to spend more on marketing campaigns. So, it is a cost-effective alternative for businesses of all sizes. To get an easy-to-remember toll-free line, you can reach out to Contactivity. The VoIP service provider has been offering the finest quality services at the most affordable rates. Moreover, the best part is that you will not face severe downtime. In a nutshell, the service provider is offering quality without any compromises.

How can toll-free numbers help in marketing campaigns?

You can craft effective marketing strategies with toll-free numbers. These numbers can be highly effective when it comes to designing marketing ads. In short, you are inviting more and more prospects to connect with you. Thus empowering your marketers with a tool to boost sales. Here is how you can craft effective marketing campaigns using toll-free digits:

Track marketing campaign calls.

As mentioned earlier, toll-free numbers are one of the most effective marketing tools. They allow businesses to get their hands on detailed analytical data. Let’s say you are using a special number for campaigns. The number will not only help you highlight effective strategies but will also help you revamp the existing ones. This will help you get the most out of your marketing efforts. There is detailed analytical data that can set you forward. For instance, you can record the number of all incoming calls. You can record the geographic area and their interests. This way, you can use your social media handles to target a specific audience for returning businesses.

Add toll-free digits to marketing videos:

Nowadays, ads are only crafted to be posted on social media platforms. However, this does not remain the same. Most billboard owners are now offering the opportunity to play marketing videos on their screens at different locations. Other than this, TV advertisements have proven to be another great toll-free number marketing strategy. You can create a marketing video that can be played on different platforms. It is like, One size fits all. A toll-free number on such marketing videos will improve the presence and appearance of your campaigns. In a nutshell, you are going to embark on a great marketing journey with 800 numbers.

Make marketing material prominent.

The main benefit of having a cost-free phone number is that it looks attractive and is more compelling than other phone numbers. Your marketing advertisements will surely look prominent with their addition. You can add this to your print and online marketing campaigns for maximum effectiveness. In a nutshell, its addition will surely bring in more accessibility and visibility.

Use vanity numbers or campaign-specific numbers.

Most marketing agencies use toll-free lines for advertising and marketing to a specific target. They use campaign-specific numbers to enhance the tracking capabilities of their team. In simple words, a specific number is used for a specific channel. You can assign numbers to different marketing campaigns. It helps in measuring the effectiveness of each campaign and helps in adjusting the marketing strategy depending on analytical data. Vanity telephone numbers can be considered one of the perfect examples of effective marketing. It is a number that defines a brand. Moreover, it is easy to remember and free to call, like a normal toll-free number.

Use them on different marketing channels:

Marketing campaigns are not limited to print media. In recent years, marketing strategies have worked perfectly across different channels, especially the online one. Most businesses prefer to add WhatsApp phone numbers to their marketing ads. Yet, WhatsApp requires the availability of the internet every time. The discontinuation of the internet or errors with phones sometimes create problems. On the other hand, toll-free numbers are free to call anytime and from anywhere. So, it is a wise decision to add these numbers to marketing ads where possible. As mentioned above, toll-free numbers offer great analytical data for marketing campaigns. You can track the number of inbound calls along with other essential details such as gender, interest, area, and more.

Add them to a strategic call to action (CTA):

Reports have found that campaigns with a focused CTA tend to have more clicks or users than others. The other way around, CTAs are essential and crucial in driving more business toward you. Moreover, you will need a team of experts at your disposal to answer calls. CTAs need to be strategically solid and well organized to keep things nice and easy. If you want a creative marketing approach with toll-free numbers, then try adding them at the end of every marketing ad, especially in website banners, social media posts, and email campaigns. Make sure to add them to a tagline and banner.

Select any easy-to-remember and wise number:

To boost marketing strategies, your marketing team needs to suggest an attractive toll-free number. Usually, toll-free numbers are 800 numbers that are easy to remember. For effective toll-free number marketing, you should not consider anything that is available. Rather, you should look for a number that best matches your needs. A number that is most likely to become a brand image for your company. As mentioned above, you can choose a number that defines your business in your absence, such as a vanity number.

How can Contactivity help you?

Contactivity has been a helping hand for businesses. It has been helping businesses strive better in their respective fields or business niches. The only thing that you need to consider is the quality of the service. The VoIP service provider offers the best quality that exactly matches your toll-free number of marketing strategies. You can get toll-free numbers and local numbers at the most affordable rates. The best part is that there is a qualified team of experts that is making sure that there is no or minimum downtime.

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