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Ensuring Quality in Global Termination

Quality has been the utmost priority for almost all businesses. There are no compromises on quality standards for telecommunication services such as call centers. The reason is that their reputation is highly dependent on the calls their agents are making. When it comes to VoIP services, quality assurance is quite sensitive. Quality assurance in global termination can either tarnish the company’s reputation or improve it. Contactivity has been the leading VoIP service provider that ensures the best possible quality assurance while offering uninterrupted services. The company’s core objective is to offer quality communication solutions. This has been the main priority of almost every company working in the telecom industry. Modern-day communication services play an important role in the growth and success of a company. It helps companies stand tall in a competition where almost all high-end services compete for market dominance. In this blog, we will highlight the importance of quality assurance and how it can impact the company’s growth. Nowadays, seamless connectivity is a necessity for every business. Other features, such as scalability and reliability, can impact the overall business if quality assurance is lacking. Contactivity prioritizes customer satisfaction, so it cannot compromise the quality of its services.

Basics of VoIP termination:

The VoIP termination procedure includes the process of routing calls from one network to another. Everything is done through a stable internet connection. The major benefit of making calls on the Internet is that it reduces the call cost. You can make calls to any city in the world. To get such services, VoIP service providers like Contactivity are required. It is necessary to partner with a reputable service provider, as you have no ground to lose, especially when you are operating a call center as a service. The reliable service provider will be responsible for providing a high-end termination solution. The selected service must be cost-effective, scalable, and reliable.

What is quality assurance in call centers?

Quality assurance in global termination is a process that intends to improve customer interaction with the calling agent. It is a system process that ensures quality standards are set to monitor calls and evaluate and improve the overall interaction. The purpose of the entire process is to enhance customer satisfaction and improve it over time. One more thing: QA is not a process of evaluating the performance of an agent. It is a process of evaluation. It is to make sure that agents follow the scripts as given to them by their line manager. Moreover, the QA team makes sure that all calls are made according to the requirements of the regulations. The main purpose of the QA team is to improve overall calling operations. It is to give feedback to agents and transform the calling process as per the customer’s requirements.

Why must you be concerned with quality in global termination?

Ensuring quality in international termination is very important, as the company’s reputation is always at stake. Moreover, it plays a vital role in increasing the growth of a company. VoIP termination services play an important role as they offer improved service quality over traditional phone systems. Moreover, the selection of a suitable service provider is what makes the difference. Not all service providers offer the same quality that you want. Uninterrupted and clear communication is something that you need from a quality call termination service. There are some other key factors that you need to take care of. For instance, you should look for a service that offers minimal downtime, reliability, and call clarity. These factors play an important role in choosing a suitable service provider. It offers the highest service quality while the cost remains low. Low budget but high quality—what else do you need? Here is why QA standards for global telecom view the entire communication between the agent and the prospects. Moreover, it evaluates the entire conversation on predefined quality standards. The metrics for assessing the global trend are important:

1. Improve call quality and enhance the customer experience.

2. Enable employees to improve their capabilities.

3. Help with risk management and compliance.

4. It becomes easier to make data-driven decisions.

5. Effective QA gives a competitive advantage.

6. Save time and money for a company.

How do I check the quality of a VoIP?

The modern world calls for maintaining service excellence globally. The more quality you offer, the more prospects you will attract. It has always been the best practice to check the quality of calls that are coming in or going out. The quality check has nothing to do with the agent but with the VoIP service you are using. Here is how to do quality control in global termination; in other words, the important factors for quality check:

1. Packet Loss: In VoIP communication, the connection between the dialer and receiver occurs through the transmission of packets. Data packets, or small communication units, are transmitted. Packet loss occurs when a packet is lost during its journey to its destination. The packet loss affects the quality of a call. You need to verify whether a packet loss occurs; if yes, then how much.

2. Bandwidth: Getting a high-speed internet connection for VoIP calls is necessary. If you have a high-speed internet connection, then your customers will face fewer glitches and the call will remain uninterrupted. You can check the upload and download speeds to ensure everything is on board.

3. Jitter: Jitter is another factor impacting service quality. It occurs when data packets reach the destination without an order. It also occurs when data packets take more time to reach their destination. You can resolve this issue by increasing the bandwidth. As a whole, it decreases the call quality. Consequently, your customer experience will decrease.

4. Latency: It refers to the time taken to send and receive data. An increased delay can affect the call quality and performance. It is necessary to keep the latency below 150 milliseconds. A delay longer than this is surely not good for the company. Therefore, it is always necessary to look for a service that offers low latency and high quality.

How can Contactivty help you?

Contactivity has been helping businesses cope with changing technological trends. It has been helping businesses, such as call centers, by offering seamless connectivity. Moreover, the wide range of features that it offers is remarkable. For instance, you will get local numbers, toll-free numbers, and call termination services at the most affordable rates.

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