Local Numbers: Elevate Your Presence

Local Numbers that Speak Volumes

Choosing the right phone number for your business is always necessary as it represents your business in absence. Importance of local numbers can be identified from the fact that your customers won’t answer your calls if it looks unknown or strange. The right phone number can help you in creating a unique brand awareness. The reason is that it directly affects the reach and accessibility of your business. The geographical phone numbers just help businesses in reaching out to their customers comprehensively. Moreover, location based numbers are always helpful in developing cost-effective marketing strategies. Consequently, it helps in generating more leads and business. This blog is all about the importance of geographical numbers. Before we get started, let’s find out some basic information about these numbers.

What Are Local Numbers?

If you’re familiar with the word local, then I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with local numbers. These are location based numbers that are beneficial for small and medium sized businesses. The best part is that these businesses can customise the use of such numbers as per their requirement. These numbers are represented with a specific area code. Most importantly, they’re helpful when a business needs to develop a portfolio or presence in a specific location. They’re also helpful for businesses that are concerned about high international calling costs. These numbers help in developing a great community engagement as opposed to international numbers.

Importance of Local Telephone Numbers:

As mentioned above, the importance of local business numbers is very high, especially for small and medium businesses. Local business phone numbers help them in establishing a mutual understanding with their customers. Here is how geographic phone numbers help businesses in grabbing a diverse customer market:

Helps In Strengthening Local Communication:

Local numbers are very helpful when a certain entity either business or individual, wants to attract the local community. They help in establishing a sense of presence between you and the target audience. A business with a local number gives a sense of ownership. Moreover, businesses with local numbers are more attractive as compared to businesses with unfamiliar or difficult phone numbers..

Boosts Brand Awareness:

Having a local number means having a large pool of local community. You just have to get your tools right and dive in. For example, a local number in the US will certainly be more appealing to people in that country. People are more likely to remember your business if one of your marketing representatives hooks them up. Interestingly, these numbers give a more personalised image of your business. They also encourage customers to stay in touch with your business.

Boosts Cross-Border Connection:

It is very beneficial for a company to acquire a local number, especially if they don’t have an office to start their services. All such companies can connect to a specific community using local numbers offered by VoIP service providers like Contactivity. International companies will have more chances to encourage customers to connect despite having different locations. In short, local numbers play an important role in customer acquisition. It also helps in developing strong bonds with customers.

Helps In Business Expansion:

The impact of geographical numbers can be seen in the fact that it opens new doors for your business. If you’re a clothing brand working in Pakistan or India and want to target the US market, then a local number can help. All you need is an online store or a marketing campaign with a local number. Leave the rest to your local US number. The reason is that customers prefer to do business with local companies rather than any international company. Plus, they’re more likely to call a business with a local number..

Boosts Customer Service:

Most companies rely on intelligent customer service. They’ve got AI-driven machines that take input from the dialer and route it to the right person. This makes customers angry because they’re asked to enter information over and over again. Moreover, as per a recent study by Accenture, nearly 89% of customers get frustrated when their call remains unanswered even after repeating their issue. Most customer service is run by bots because they’re very helpful in solving problems online. However, customers today prefer to talk to human operators rather than bots. The reason is that human operators are more likely to solve their problem the first time.

Enhances Marketing Strategies And Credibility:

Marketing team is the backbone of every company. A good marketing strategy can enhance the importance of geographical numbers. Similarly, local numbers can enhance your company’s marketing strategies as it makes brochures, social media designs and pamphlets more appealing.  Other than this, you’re more likely to improve your company’s credibility with such a number. There are high chances of giving a sense of personalization. As a whole, your business is most likely to get local recognition.

Ease of Accessibility, Availability, And Flexibility:

Your customers are more likely to remember your phone number if it is related to their area code. As a result, they’re more likely to dial your number when they need your service. As a result, the number of inbound calls to your agents increases, ensuring continuous connectivity. The importance of local numbers is that they’re readily available compared to toll-free or vanity numbers. Most importantly, businesses always have the option to choose a number that is appropriate for their services.

Offers An Opportunity To Foster Remote Working:

Most professionals love to work from home as sometimes it becomes difficult to report to their line manager in person. VoIP service providers like Contactivity enable companies in fostering remote working strategies by providing local numbers. Most importantly, there will be no impact on community engagement with local numbers when you tend to send your team home and equip them with tools for remote working. To make sure that your business expenses are cut in half, try connecting with Contactivity. We’ve got the best VoIP solutions tailored to the needs of modern businesses. We offer toll-free numbers and local numbers that ultimately help to encourage remote working.

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